Tuesday, March 10, 2009

:: 2nd Posting :: Blogging can assist language learners to improve and enhance their writing skill ::

In improving our writing skill, we need to improve our writing skill. In assisting language learners, writing skill they would think critically while writing on blogs. Their way of thinking involved in how to create an interesting topic to discuss in their blog, how to make it lively, how to make the readers would be trill in reading more about whats contain in the blog and the most important thing is the writing skill itself.

Eventhough writing seems out of date to certain teenagers, writing bring a lot of advantages in terms of improving the writing skills and grammar building.

Blogging appears to be helping teens become more productive writers. This is a promising finding that has important implications for schools. A survey recently conducted by the Pew Internet and American Life Project explored the links between the formal writing that teens do for school and the informal, electronic communication they exchange through email and text messaging.

The report also confirms my findings about the ambiguity in computer usage at home and at school. Educators seem perplexed when it comes to assigning blogging assignments because many students do not have computers at home. But computer ownership increases daily as prices go down and the need or want of these machines rises. Teens who use a computer at home for their non-school writing believe computers have a greater impact on the amount of writing they produce than on the overall quality of their writing.


Other blog that I found which discuss Cultivate Your Writing Skills to Improve Your Blog, it enhance in writing skill.

Blogging is about communicating first and foremost, and to get started communicating you only need to get your idea across.

On the other hand, if you want to be remembered, in part you need to be distinctive. You need to better than every other mediocre writer with good ideas. You need to find your own voice. And some of the great writing advice you can get will help you find yourself - cutting out the excess and leaving the worthy.

I think the best way of taking advantage of your blogging schedule to improve your writing skills, is to write your post and then edit it. Writing on it’s own, won’t improve your skills, it will only display them as they are. Improving your writing skills, I think, means improving your editing and rewriting skills. Once the ideas are in place, improving and rewriting your language to better communicate those ideas just takes practice.

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  1. Yes writing is a process and you need to edit your work continously as your writing product can be further improved. Again I like the way how you organized your posting. Clear and easy for me to evaluate