Tuesday, March 17, 2009

About Fourth Posting

Posting 4 : Dear students, this week we are already in week 11. I really hope that all of you are learning a lot of new skills in this course and apply them in completing all the assignments and postings in your blogs. For this week tutorial is not in our usual lab. All students are required to go to Tun Sri Lanang library during your tutorial times and do the following: Go to the Internet lab section of the library at the main entrance. Ask the librarian where is the DOA- Dissertation online and find out what it is and also find out the online databases subsribed by TSL libraries. Then you need to search for EBSCOHost,and Lisa Net. Find 2 articles related to one of the following topics from any online databases subsribed by TSL. CALL Bridging Digital Divide Women and ICT E-Learning Summarize these articles and post them as fourth posting. Happy surfing.

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